Introducing LegalBoardTM

A keyboard designed by lawyers for lawyers

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Used by thousands of legal professionals around the country. The LegalBoard makes a perfect gift for that special lawyer, paralegal or law student in your life.
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Tailored to your profession

Finally, a keyboard that knows your type. LegalBoard™ allows legal professionals to type more efficiently at home or in the office. And now we also have a mobile version! Check out our new LegalPad™ by clicking here.


Switch into legal mode with a keystroke, and switch back to use LegalBoard as a standard keyboard.


Insert a section symbol, a comment, or a footnote, and toggle back to the text. Insert common terms like “plaintiff” and “court,” turn track changes on and off, and more.


Stop interrupting your writing, and keep your fingers on the keys. Let the keys do the work.


No software, no drivers. Ready to go with a USB plug and play out of the box. Designed for Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10; but many functions also work in Microsoft Outlook.